A Funny Story, Plus Some Thoughts About Staying In Touch

I’m located in Houston, so naturally most early readers of this blog were also Houstonians, either people who knew me or knew my friends. But very quickly The Lunch Tray’s readership began to span the entire country and many foreign countries, causing the relative proportion of Houston readers to shrink drastically over the last two years.  So when I used my random number generator on Friday to select one of the two winners of Eat Your Vegetables, I was pleasantly surprised to see that one of them, a reader named Andrea, was located here in my city.

Well, on Saturday night I attended friends’ annual Devali party and there were tons of people there.  Within about five minutes of arriving at the party, a friend introduced me to someone she knew.  And that person introduced me to the friend standing next to her who turned out to be . . . yes, Andrea, the winner of the book!   How crazy is that?  :-)

That chance encounter reminded me of the amazing connectivity of the Internet, but lately I’ve been a little frustrated with it, too.  My primary means of sharing new posts with you is Facebook, but my gurus at Texas Bloggers have told me that, due to some changes to its mysterious algorithms, Facebook isn’t necessarily showing you all of my posts in your news feed.  Apparently to see my posts you also have to “interact” with the page, which means only a small subset of the 4,500 Lunch Tray fans are actually seeing my posts.

It’s a labor of love for me to write this blog five mornings a week, but the labor is wasted if the posts aren’t getting read by those who want to read them.  So here are a few things you can do to stay in touch with TLT.


I hate Facebook for making me ask this but . . . if you want to keep seeing my posts in your Facebook feed, apparently you need to occasionally “like” a post, share it or comment on it, and this “interactivity” will help keep future posts coming to you in your feed.


If you’re a Twitter user, you can also find me at @thelunchtray.  I share all my posts there daily plus I retweet lots of great stuff and I often get into some pretty interesting Twitter conversations with fellow bloggers and food activists.

Subscribe by Email or RSS

On every Lunch Tray page over to the right you’ll see a heading “Get Your Lunch Delivered.” You can use this button to subscribe to TLT via email and/or many other services.  And on the top right corner of every blog page you’ll also see a button to get TLT posts into your RSS feed.  These are by far the most reliable ways to stay in touch.

A New Lunch Tray Newsletter

Now an exciting announcement!  I’m in the process of setting up a Lunch Tray newsletter which will deliver to your inbox just the highlights of each preceding month’s posts, along with recipes, giveaways and other fun features.  I hope you’ll consider subscribing — I’ll let you know when it’s ready!

A sneak peek at TLT’s new newsletter!

Contact Me Directly

And of course, you can always email me at bettina at thelunchtray dot com to share personal stories, ask questions, or get help.  I strive to answer all mail within a few days of receiving it.

Thanks, all, and please stay in touch!  Or maybe I’ll just run into you at a party.  :-)

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