A Little More Thanksgiving Gratitude . . .

Following the lead of other bloggers and writers in the past few days, I thought I’d share my list of some people (and organizations) for whom I’m truly thankful  . . . .

People Who Inspire and Challenge Me to Be a Better Blogger

  • Dana Woldow of PEACHSF, for her unfailingly insightful and hard-hitting analyses of school food issues, and for always keeping me on my toes;
  • Michele Simon of Appetite for Profit, for shining a much-needed spotlight on the powerful corporate influences affecting food policy — and our kids.

Sites I Rely on For Solid Information About Kids and Food

People Working Hard Every Day to Improve School Food:

Sites and Blogs That Inspire Me as a Parent, and as a Cook

And Of Course . . .

 YOU, the TLT readership!  ♥

I’ll be taking a holiday break and will see you back here on Monday the 28th.  (I’ll announce the winner of the Turkey Day Bon Appétit magazine giveaway just after noon CST tomorrow on TLT’s Facebook page and in the comments section of that post.)

Finally, before I sign off, the Food Research and Action Center reports that almost 1/4 of all American kids are currently living in food-insecure households.  So at this time of year I like to remind readers that you can always click on the “Feed Hungry Kids” tab above for links to three reputable charities working to alleviate hunger here in the United States and around the world.   I also provide a link to the very addictive Free Rice game, which tests your knowledge of various subjects while helping to feed the hungry.

Have a wonderful holiday, everyone!


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  1. says

    Bettina, I am touched and honored to be included in this great list. You inspire me so much with TLT and I love that we have found so much common ground on the issues that we care about. Happy a great Thanksgiving holiday with your family!

  2. says

    I’m thankful for you too, Bettina – for your scrupulous research on the issues, your effort to always ask the right questions, and your unfailing sense of humor. Enjoy your well-deserved time off.

  3. Maggie says

    How nice of you! I appreciate the space to chat with those knowledgeable about school food.

    Happy Thanksgiving to all.

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