A Monday Blog Round-Up

Every now and then I like to share information about blogs that are new to me that you might also enjoy.  Here are three I’ve recently come across:

Stay at Stove Dad

Stay at Stove Dad‘s subtitle says it all:  “How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love the Kitchen: A Site for Working Fathers Who Cook for Their Families.”  Written by a journalist, father of two young daughters (aliases: “Nina” and “Pinta”) and husband of “Santa Maria,” the Stay at Stove Dad chronicles his daily cooking, along with glimpses into his family life, commentary on music and other eclectic tidbits.  He has a wry, understated style I love, and the site is replete with appealing, healthful recipes to try out with your own kids.

Kosher on a Budget

This blog really doesn’t fit in The Lunch Tray’s “kids-and-food” rubric at all (well, maybe tangentially) but I loved the writer’s engaging voice and thought the blog might be useful to some readers.  It’s called Kosher on a Budget — and I should say up front that I neither keep Kosher (though I did stop eating pork or shellfish a few years ago) nor am I very good at staying on a budget.  But I was totally drawn in by writer Mara Strom Sachs’s candid account of how she and her husband (both Modern Orthodox Jews) followed the financial advice of Evangelical Christian Dave Ramsey to pull themselves out of a very hairy financial situation, and how she now manages to keep her family well-fed while staying frugal.  She offers recipes, menu planning and shopping tips and, most of all, daily deals and coupons.  The bent here is clearly Jewish, but anyone of any faith who is into couponing and deals, or just wants advice on how to better manage their finances, will find a lot to like here.

Mama Says

Finally, I wanted to mention Mama Says, a blog written by Mile Hi Mama.  Mile Hi Mama is the mother of eight children with a ninth due next month.  And she home schools them!  So when I saw that she offers recipes and food tips on her site, I was certain it was going to be a lot of  “open the contents of this can and mix with contents of this box” — after all, the woman could be forgiven for taking a few short cuts in the kitchen, right?  But no!  Mile Hi Mama is in fact a staunch proponent of Real Food, and somehow finds time to tend her own garden to boot.  (BTW, I should say that the blog is not focused primarily on food — there’s a lot about the challenges of raising big families, home schooling, budgeting, her Catholic faith and more.) If you can stand to read about someone who clearly has better time management skills than most humans and obviously possesses the patience of a saint, check out Mama Says.

So, any blogs you love that I ought to know about?


  1. Donna says

    Your descriptions make all of these sound appealing, though I fear that following more blogs will negatively impact my already poor time mgmt! Funny tidbit…Upon clicking to see the Kosher on a Budget site, the first thing that popped up was a large picture and ad for crab claws.

    • bettina elias siegel says

      The same thing just happened for me! Mara, if you’re reading this, you may want to tell the Google ad people, “No traif!” :-)


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