A Virtual Progressive Dinner Party — and You’re Invited!

Would you care for a glass of wine?

Last year, in honor of Food Day, several bloggers and I banded together to host a “virtual progressive dinner party.”  The idea was that readers could go from one blog to the next for each successive course, and the hosts provided recipes, step-by-step cooking photos, giveaways — and even virtual glasses of wine.

It was so much fun that we’re all getting together again, this time in honor of Jamie Oliver’s Food Revolution Day on May 19th.  (Because that’s a Saturday, our party will be held the day before, on Friday, May 18th.)  It seemed a perfect way to mark a day dedicated to food literacy, cooking skills and eating together.

Here’s what’s in store for you on May 18th:

Visit the Food Revolution site to learn more in a post written by Bri of Red, Round or Green, the brilliant mastermind behind last year’s party.

Can’t wait to host you all at my place for dessert — and a giveaway!  (Hmmm . . . could this be my chance to unload another Candwich on an unsuspecting reader? [cackles menacingly])

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    How often does one get to see oneself referred to as a “brilliant mastermind?” Fantastic, Bettina, thanks. Can’t wait for this year’s party!!!


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