About This Blog

I’m a former lawyer, a freelance writer and a parent of two children, aged 11 and 13.   (You can find out more about me here.)

This blog was born out of my longstanding love of food and cooking, my interest in school food reform, and thirteen years of trying (sometimes successfully, sometimes not) to feed my kids well in a food culture that often seems to be thwarting parents at every turn.

Because I’m working to improve school food here in Houston ISD, you’ll see a lot of discussion on TLT about school food reform and broader questions of food policy, from what’s going on in Congress to the latest developments in my district.  But I’m just generally interested in children and food (hence my tagline: “kids and food, in school and out”), so TLT also offers an eclectic mix of kid-and-food news, recipes, essays, cookbook reviews, lunchbox ideas and more.

Rest assured that I’m not a Food Nazi out to scold anyone for eating fat, sugar, carbs, gluten or anything else.  My only biases are in favor of family dinners (whenever you can), whole over processed (ditto) and teaching children to balance occasional indulgences against a baseline of healthful eating (a never-ending challenge for kids and grown-ups alike.)  Oh, and apparently I also have a pretty big problem with food in school classrooms.

TLT’s readership is passionate and engaged, yet respectful of opposing views.  So don’t be afraid to jump in with a comment and feel free to contact me directly for any reason.

Thanks for coming by, and I hope you’ll become part of the Lunch Tray community!

– Bettina



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