Attend a “Virtual Rally” to Protest Current School Food – Going on RIGHT NOW!

I just learned from Slow Food USA that the Food Research and Action Center (FRAC) is holding a virtual rally — going on right now — to protest the current state of school food, Congress’s failure to pass the CNA and its plan to fund any child nutrition legislation with money from the food stamp program.

The Virtual Rally for a Strong Child Nutrition Reauthorization (CNR) ends at 4pm EST today.  From’s website, here’s how to make your voice heard:

Facebook and Twitter

1) Follow FRAC (@fractweets) or check out the organization’s Facebook page here. Throughout the day, FRAC will be sharing messages that folks are encouraged to share and retweet. The hashtag you can use is #Rally4CNR.

2) Update your Facebook status to say that you are “joining FRAC’s Virtual Rally for Child Nutrition Reauthorization and asking the White House to support a strong bill that improves the child nutrition programs without cutting future SNAP benefits. Repost to join the Rally.”

3) Hold a virtual rally sign by changing your Facebook and Twitter profile pics to FRAC’s flyer, which you can access here (pdf).

4) RSVP to the rally on Facebook, and send the invite to your other friends.


1) Call 202-456-1414 or e-mail the White House during the hours of 12pm-4pm EST today and tell them that you want a strong CNR that doesn’t take any funding away from food stamp benefits.

Word of Mouth

1) Make sure you tell friends, family, co-workers, and strangers on the street about the rally, and encourage them to join in.

You can also lend your support by signing’s petition asking Congress to improve school lunches without cutting any food stamp funds.

I’m off to protest via Facebook.  Hope you’ll do the same.


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