Book Giveaway: “Super Snacks For Super Kids”

Well, I’m really spoiling my readers with book giveaways lately – it seems like we’ve been having almost one per week!  I hope you’re enjoying them as much as I enjoy getting to read all these new kid/food books.

Today I’m giving you a chance to win Super Snacks for Super Kids.  I first learned of this book when its creators asked TLT readers (via my Facebook page) to join in a Kickstarter campaign to make the book a reality.  All proceeds from the sale of the book benefit the Wellness Committee in the authors’ school district of Mineral Point, Wisconsin.

Amazingly, the Kickstarter campaign earned $10,000 in 30 days and the final product is really nice.  This hardback book has over 100 pages of vivid color photography featuring 60 different healthy snack ideas for kids, from Apple Oat Bars to Fruit Pizza. My kids found it on my desk and were thumbing through it, letting me know what they wanted to try.  It’s great to see a community come together to support childhood wellness, and the rest of us benefit by getting lots of new snack recipes!

For a chance to win the book, just leave a comment below by  Tuesday, November 13th at 6pm CST.   You can tell me why you’d like to win or you can just say hi.  I’ll use a random number generator after the comment period closes to select one lucky winner and if you comment twice (e.g., to respond to another reader’s comment), I’ll use the number of your first comment to enter you in the drawing.   I’ll email you directly if you win and I’ll announce the winner on TLT’s Facebook page, too.

Good  luck!

 [Blogger disclosure:  As with most of my book reviews, I received a free copy of this book for my perusal.  However, I never accept any other form of compensation for the book reviews you see on The Lunch Tray.]

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  1. Wes Gross says

    I’d like to win this book because I have a picky eater and I love to have new healthy snack ideas to try out on her!

  2. Joell Boast says

    I would love to win this book, I am working towards teaching my kids to eat healthy now so that they do not have to make a life style change like I did…. thanks!

  3. Molly says

    I would love to win this book! The fact that it has so many color pictures is sure to get the kids excited to try something new!! Thanks for the chance!

  4. Ilse Berg says

    My daughter has great eating habits, but we host our friends’ kids at our house frequently, and often have difficulty coming up with foods they will eat, so I’d be interested to find some new ideas for that.

  5. June E. says


    I’d like the book because I’ve gone through every snack idea by now and now that the kids are older, they tend to want to eat junkfood (sigh, all my teaching for almost naught) so I’m hoping that some tasty (yet healthful) snacks will distract them from that.

  6. Laura N. says

    I would love to see it, and I would like the nutrition/fitness teacher at our campus take a look at it, too. We’re always looking for new ideas.

  7. Jan S. says

    I am always looking for new snack ideas to share with grandkids and the recipes for child care centers that I work with.

  8. carolyn bean says

    i would love to win this book for my boyfriend’s son. all he wants is tater tots and sugary granola bars! ick. i need to educate them both!

  9. Heather K says

    This book sounds perfect for finding healthy new snack ideas to send with my 4 year old to her health and wellness preschool:-)

  10. Claire says

    I’m always get stuck in the rut of feeding the kids the same snacks, that even I get bored with! Would love to get lots of new ideas.

  11. stef says

    looks like a great book! I’m always looking for inspiration for new snack ideas….especially since a lot of kids consumption during the day is via snacks.

  12. mara says

    i’d love this one because we are at our worst right after school!! Everyone is starving but running off to activities so tend to grab less healthy stuff on the run :(

  13. Jess Fuller says

    Hi! I absolutely love your blog and Facebook page. I am sending lucky vibes to my good friend the random number generator 😀

  14. Joan Coogan says

    I would like to win this book because “I” myself need to eat better and would love to teach the mothers at work to do the same and pass it on!

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