Help Hungry Kids

Part of my interest in “kids and food, in school and out” is a desire to help the over 12 million kids in America who are food-insecure, as well as hungry children around the world.  (More here.) Please join me in donating to organizations working to  alleviate hunger.  Here are a few I particularly like:



You can also play fun games that “earn” grains of rice to feed the world’s hungry by visiting this site:


If you’re planning a move in the near future, you can have your nonperishable food delivered to a local food bank if your mover is part of the Move for Hunger network.  Find out more about Move for Hunger and/or donate to the cause here:





And you can learn more about hunger in America and what we can do about it here:





Thanks for helping The Lunch Tray help hungry kids!

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