Good Reads: A Friday Link Round-Up

There’s so much news out there that I’m closing out the week with a link round-up – enjoy!

School District Dumps Non-Paying Kids’ Meals

A school district in Utah received a lot of negative attention this week for forcing students with negative lunch card balances to toss their meals in the trash.  While this district’s actions were clearly egregious (the district has apologized), unpaid meal balances are a real financial problem for districts.  I’ll have more on this in a post in the near future.

The Food Industry Invades Your Child’s Classroom

Dr. Yoni Freedhoff of Weighty Matters debuts on Civil Eats with a post regarding a food-industry-created nutrition education curriculum that reaches 12.5 million students in this country each year.  Freedhoff does a great job of showing how the seemingly benign messaging of these educational materials actually serves the food industry well — to the ultimate detriment of students. 

Obesity Starts Early

A new study reported on in yesterday’s New York Times indicates that obesity appears to take root in early childhood and is hard to address in later years, indicating that early intervention is key.

But Is Obesity Really the Issue?

But Andy Bellatti argues in the Huffington Post that our relentless focus on the nation’s obesity crisis actually serves Big Food.

Italy and France Succumb to the Allure of Processed Food

And in two related pieces, writer Jeannie Marshall shares some thoughts on how Big Food is destroying Italy’s food culture, and the New York Times reports on a battle in France to keep restaurant meals freshly made, rather than processed.

Enjoy your weekend, TLT’ers – see you here next week!

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  1. Hanna Saltzman says

    Thanks for this post, Bettina, so helpful! There definitely has been a ton going on in the food world the past couple of weeks. I hadn’t seen the Uintah Elementary story yet, but as I grew up in Salt Lake City, was particularly intrigued (and sent it along to my parents who still live there). And Yoni’s piece is fantastic – I’m not that surprised by the curriculum, but am disturbed (ice cream as a healthy dairy?!).

    Here’s another story from last week that you might like; it relates to your earlier post about athletic sponsorship w/ Gatorade, LeBron, etc (but this one’s about the super bowl):

    P.S. I tried submitting a similar comment a few mins ago but my internet connection shut off when submitting…. apologies if this is a repeat!


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