Hong Kong Halts Live Poultry Sales Due to H7N9-Infected Chinese Chicken

The details are here.

Contact with live poultry infected with H7N9 flu appears to be the main means of transmission of this disease to humans, which has affected over 200 people since last spring, killing over 50. But the CDC’s H7N9 travelers’ advisory also cautions against touching dead animals and eating undercooked meat.

chickenwidgetAnother reason, if you needed one, to sign and share our Change.org petition to prevent the importation of Chinese slaughtered and Chinese-processed poultry into our country.

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  1. Rosario Rodriguez Leon says

    I’m a vegan and I do not support exploitation to non human animals. And I do not support sickening people.

  2. Alexis says

    Your “another reason” conclusion is, shall we politely say, vapid. Obviously you understand the epidemiology of bird flu no better than you comprehend the realities of global trade. Better stick to complaining about styrofoam plates and plastic sporks in school cafeterias…unimportant stuff where your emotional opinions might be entertained. There are quite a few of us professional career moms out here who know and live the difference between global reality and suburban fantasy. The rest are routinely being misinformed by agenda-driven hacks like you. Such a waste.

      • says

        I believe “Alexis” is an employee of a corporation that is routinely profiting off of whatever,and whomever, they can exploit in their quest for ever more profits.
        Using and sickening children would not likely be a problem for them, since corporations and their highly compensated upper echelon of employees seem to be amoral.
        It is a shame, and we must all work harder to protect our vulnerable young.

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