Jamie Oliver’s Food Revolution Supports Our Petition With Pink Slime Website!

I am SO pleased to announce that Jamie Oliver and his Food Revolution team have thrown their support behind our Change.org petition:

stop pink slime

Please go check out their new website, Stop Pink Slime.org— you’ll see a prominent link to the petition, information about Lean Beef Trimmings, plus endorsements from supporting organizations and individuals.

THANK YOU, Food Revolution!

And maybe with Jamie’s help we can push the current signature count (near 237K) over the one-quarter million mark — or even beyond!


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  1. George from UC says

    Something most of the press has overlooked, is that the 100°F temperature used in creating pink slime (to separate the fat by centrifuging ) is an IDEAL incubation temperature for bacteria.
    So you have waste meat trimmings already high in bacteria and you warm them up to incubation temperature. Not a very good idea!

    • Michael from Michigan says

      that’s why a food safe (GRAS) antimicrobial is added in processing, and why you should cook and handle all meats properly. No bacterial illnesses have been linked to this product, but millions of pounds of regular ground beef without it have been recalled. So, what is your point?
      All this nonsense about “pink slime” is needlessly alarming people about a product that is safe, just as nutritious, is made from the same beef parts, and reduces the cost of food.

      • George from UC says

        This from OSHA and the CDC: “Ammonia is considered a high health hazard because it is corrosive to the skin, eyes, and lungs. Exposure to 300 ppm is immediately dangerous to life and health.”
        So it may be “food grade” but you would’t want to breathe “a puff” of it. So my point is I don’t want waste meat trimmings treated with ammonia mixed into my childs food without proper labeling.

  2. heather says

    I don’t eat beef however when i heard about that they are putting Pink Slime into it made me think if this is being done with other ground meat as well…since it doesn’t have to be put on a label how are we as a consumer to know that this same thing isn’t happening to other types of ground meat as well? I also want to sign the petition against this issue but am not sure where to do it online or how to do it. I think everyone should sign this petition even if they don’t eat beef because everyone knows someone who does eat it and if the FDA can be hidding this from everyone it makes you question what else is hidden from us wheather it is beef, chicken, pork or vegitables…we should all know what we are buying is really what we told it is

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