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From its inception, The Lunch Tray has been a safe and respectful place in which to air all sorts of views related to the “kids and food” issues I write about.   Everyone from school food professionals to concerned parents, from vegans to junk food lovers, have come by over the years to share their thoughts.  This diversity of views only enhances the blog, and no comment has ever been or ever will be rejected for expressing a dissenting opinion.

That said, however, I will not post any comment containing ad hominem (personal) attacks, profanity, rudeness or other nastiness (including a snide or needling tone), so please word your comments accordingly.  If I’m particularly offended by and/or receive several clearly violative comments from the same person, I will note the IP address from which the comments originate and all future comments will go directly into my spam filter without moderation.  The same is true for commenters using aliases and multiple email addresses to appear to be more than one reader.  I will use my reasonable judgment, based on IP addresses and other information, to determine if a commenter is engaging in this practice.

Copyright and Trademark

“The Lunch Tray” name is the federally registered trademark of Bettina Elias Siegel.

All content on The Lunch Tray (with the exception of content created by or licensed from third parties) is © Bettina Elias Siegel, [year of publication, which is indicated in the byline of each post] and is digitally protected by Digiprove. I’m glad to have you excerpt my writings (within reason), but you must also link to this site ( and credit me as the source. If you want to reprint a post in full, you must first obtain my written permission using the Contact tab above.

The lunch tray photo which appears on this blog was created by me for the exclusive use of The Lunch Tray and is the subject of a federal copyright registration. While I love having my posts linked to, I don’t take kindly to unauthorized uses of the photo and will pursue all legal remedies in the event of such use, including statutory damages. (If you’d like to use the photo in connection with, for example, a guest post by me on your blog, just ask.)


The Lunch Tray won’t share your personal information with third parties or store information collected about your visit to this blog except to analyze content performance through the use of cookies, which you can turn off at any time by modifying your Internet browser’s settings. The Lunch Tray is not responsible for the republishing of the content found on this blog on other web sites or media without The Lunch Tray’s permission.

If you leave a comment on this site, I’ll be able to see the email address you provide. Under some circumstances I may use this address to contact you directly if, for example, I’d like more information about something you wrote, or want to discuss something with you which is unlikely to be of interest to the entire Lunch Tray community. I will not, however, use this email address for marketing or any other purpose, nor will I share it with third parties without your express, written permission.

Email addresses provided to me (1) in exchange for my free guide to getting junk food out of classrooms or (2) to subscribe to Lunch Tray posts will be sent my regular Lunch Tray newsletter, which you can opt out of at any time.

This privacy policy is subject to change but, unlike most sites, I’ll actually provide notification of any changes regarding privacy on the home page of the blog.


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