Live Tweeting the Family Dinner Conference!

I’m excited to report that tomorrow I’ll be attending Time at the Table‘s Family Dinner conference at New York University.

family dinner conference

The speakers include many bloggers who’ve been my “virtual friends” for years but whom I’ve never met in person:  Brianne de Rosa of Red, Round or Green, Grace Freedman of Eat, Aviva Goldfarb of  the Six O’Clock Scramble, Billy Mawhiney of Time at the Table, Kathleen Cuneo of Dinner Together, and Eila Johnson of Meals in a Snap.  Also attending are Alissa Stoltz of Simply Wholesome Kitchen, Sally Kuzemchak of Real Mom Nutrition and many other friends of TLT.  I can’t wait!

I thought it would be fun to “live tweet” the event, so look for the hashtag #FDC tomorrow and be sure to use that same hashtag in any responses to my tweets.  And on Friday, I’ll post lots of pictures here on the blog.

While I’m in New York City, I’m also going to meet up with Michael Moss, Pulitzer Prize winning New York Times journalist and author of the best-selling Salt Sugar Fat.   (My interview with Michael — and a giveaway of his book — are coming soon on TLT.)

Looking forward to tweeting with you tomorrow!

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