Lunch Box Idea Exchange Going Strong – Come Share!

In a late Friday afternoon post last week, I officially opened The Lunch Tray’s Lunch Box Idea Exchange to answer that never-ending question: what on earth do I put in the lunch box today?

We already have lots of great suggestions posted and I personally am getting busy expanding my rather narrow lunch box repertoire, but the more ideas we get, the better for everyone.  So if you haven’t done so already, please stop by the exchange and share an idea or two.  (And in the coming days, I’ll also link you to lots of other blogs’ idea exchanges on the same topic.)

It takes a village to pack a lunch, so come do your part!


  1. Mary Lawton says

    My son gets up at 6:30 for cross-country in high school. The night before, he makes a Quorn sandwich on a hamburger roll w/ketchup, an apple, some cookies and chips or plain goldfish. This whole thing is more or less a snack, but it does pack at least some nutrition. Quorn can be found in freezer section, in boxes, sometimes as cheap as $3.99 per box so I stock up. It’s a vegetarian “chik’n patty”, very tasty. All Quorn products (not soy based) are great if you don’t eat meat.

    • Bettina Elias Siegel says

      I love that your son is taking charge of his lunch – my daughter just started packing hers this year (her first in middle school). And I haven’t tried Quorn but will investigate.

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