Lunch Tray Friday Buffet: August 27, 2010

For today’s Buffet:  big issues contributing to the school lunch mess; twenty kid foods to avoid; delicious-looking school lunch in India (hint: it’s mom-made); and getting a little crazy with the Fry-O-Lator down in Texas.

Weird Policies Impacting School Food

From Two Angry Moms, I learned of this list of “The Five Weirdest Policies That Make School Lunch Unhealthy.”  I have a few quibbles with this post — for example, it says that there are no maximum nutritional requirements for the federal lunch program, only minimums, but in fact meals can’t provide more than 30% of calories from fat and or more than 10% from saturated fat. Overall, though, the post  does touch on some big issues that underlie the problems with school food.  Hopefully some of this mess will be cleaned up by the child nutrition legislation now pending in Congress.

Twenty Worst Foods for Kids

I’m guessing that the average Lunch Tray reader isn’t serving up these on a regular basis, but I still thought I’d share.  At the very least, you can feel virtuous for not feeding this stuff to your kids.  [Hat tip:  Strollerderby]

Can We Please Send an Army of Dabbawallas into American Schools?

Loved this little report on school lunch in India.    [Hat tip: Serious Eats]

If It Can Be Fried, It Will Be Fried

I wrote earlier this week about new levels of gluttony in state fair food, but then I came across this post about the fair in my own adopted state of Texas.  I already knew concession stands at the Texas State Fair are notorious for their willingness to fry anything, but even I was unaware of the possibilities.  Fried salad?  Fried frozen margaritas?  Fried Frito pie?   Of course, I’m not denying the potential deliciousness of any of this stuff — even I (not really a fan of either the donut or the hamburger) could totally see the sick appeal of previously discussed state fair donut burger. [Thanks to Food Revoltionary Stephanie for leading me to the post.]

Have a great weekend, everyone!  More Lunch Tray on Monday. . .


  1. Stephanie says

    In regards to the Indian Lunch boxes… there is some really great prepared to go Indian foods at Houston’s many Saturday farmer’s markets. (Some spicy, some not so… great to put in the lunch box!) And recently, I have come across uncooked Roti (the bread referred to in the article) at CostCo in the refrigerator/freezer section.

  2. Stephanie says

    I guess I should have finished reading before posting…
    I heard at last years TX State Fair, they actually had fried BUTTER… I can hear the vendor now, “no need to eat it Hon, you just slap that right in yer back pocket!!” LOL!


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