Lunch Tray Friday Buffet: February 11, 2011

A few dribs and drabs to round out the week . . .

An Important Date to Keep in Mind

Some time ago I alerted you to the new, proposed USDA school food regulations promulgated under the recently passed Healthy, Hunger-Free Kids Act of 2010.  Plowing through those regulations is daunting, but for those who are willing to take the time, I wanted to let you know that the public comment period closes on April 13th.  And anyone can comment – you don’t have to be somehow professionally involved in school food.  [Thanks to “Wilma,” TLT’s anonymous food services professional, for alerting me to this deadline.]

Treat Yourself  to Dinner and Help Improve School Food in New York City

If you happen to live in the NYC area, between now and February 20th you can eat at one of forty participating restaurants and get a chance to donate to Wellness in the Schools when you pay the check.  Headed up by Bill Telepan, chef of Telepan Restaurant, Wellness in the Schools is a non-profit organization devoted to serving healthy, high-quality food to public school students.  The participating restaurants include some great places like Babbo, Craft, Fatty Cue and more.  Details here.

More Food-Within-a-Food from The Kuff

By now most of you know of my fellow Texas blogger Charles Kuffner who, though he covers politics, never fails to alert me to odd foods out there, and he has a particular fondness for the food-within-a-food genre.  Today, courtesy of Charles, I bring you the turducken of cookies:

a chocolate chip cookie that has a whole Oreo baked inside it! How good does that look (in an Elvis-y sort of way)?   No doubt referring to my beloved Candwich, Charles muses, “Now if only they can figure out how to put that in a can . . . .”

Have a great weekend, everyone!  More Lunch Tray on Monday . . . .



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