Lunch Tray Friday Buffet: September 10, 2010

For today’s Buffet:  litigating lunch; the best of the worst fried food; and a vegetable tries to hide its wholesome nature.

Lawyering Up Over Lunch

My friend Mara pointed me to this blog post about a two parents who so hated packing lunch that they drew up a “contract” to delineate their respective packing duties.  That idea is funny enough, but the husband’s handwritten margin notes on the contract are even better.  You can see the contract here and read the full story here.   (Meanwhile, the dinner blog written by the mom, Dinner: A Love Story, looks quite promising and worthy of a write-up here on The Lunch Tray.  Look for that in a future post.)

Fun with the Fry-O-Lator, Part 2

We’ve been talking a lot about fried food craziness in the past few weeks, so I thought it was worth sharing that the winner of the biggest prize at this year’s Texas State Fair was . . . drumroll, please . . . Texas Fried Frito Pie.  (For the uninitiated, that would be a battered and fried blend of chili, cheese and, yes, Fritos).  You can wash that concoction down with a Fried Beer, which garnered an award for Most Creative.  You really have to love my adopted state of Texas – especially if you’re a cardiologist.

[Hat tip: Wise Eats]

Are Carrots the New Cheetos?

A group of fifty producers of baby carrots are banding together — and spending $25 million — to pitch their nutritious product as . . .  junk food?   You can see the result of their efforts at   Somehow I don’t think today’s kids are going to willingly trade in their Flaming Hot Cheetos for carrots, no matter how cool the packaging (but at least with carrots, the orange doesn’t come off on your fingers.)

Have a great weekend!  More Lunch Tray on Monday. . . .


  1. says

    Lots of comments over on Spoonfed ( about those baby carrots. Quite an uproar in fact.

    I’m really kind of in the hope that the lunch packing contract is meant to be just funny. Really. Is it such a chore? Esp. if she loves to make dinner.
    The post Was entertaining.
    The dinner blog…well, I’m bookmarking it.

    As for the Fry o lator…summer is over…fair food is done for the year and I don’t have a deep fryer in the house. I’d like to quote the raven…


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