Lunch Tray Friday Buffet: September 3, 2010

For today’s Buffet:  Jaime Oliver’s next challenge; a study confirms what we all know (but it’s still important);  everything you ever wanted to know about produce; and the results of our reader poll are in.

What, They’re Getting Fat From Too Many Wheat Grass Shots?

After recently winning an Emmy, Jamie Oliver’s Food Revolution has been renewed by ABC for six more episodes.  This time around, Oliver will try to overhaul the terrible eating habits of . . . Los Angeles?  Really?  One blogger scratches her head about this odd choice of venue here.  Maybe someone should take Jamie to the Texas State Fair for some fried butter.

And Studies Also Show the Earth Is Round . . .

From the file of Rather Obvious News, this study from the University of Michigan Medical School:  children who consume foods purchased from school vending machines, school stores, snack bars and other sales that compete with the federal school lunch program are “more likely to develop poor diet quality – and that may be associated with being overweight, obese or at risk for chronic health problems such as diabetes and coronary artery disease.”  Actually, I shouldn’t mock this study for stating what seems obvious.  Indeed, we can only hope that such studies will influence policy makers and help get “a la carte” foods out of schools for good.

The New “Five a Day”

I recently learned of a group called Fruits and Veggies – More Matters, which has a web site that’s positively bursting with enthusiasm for — and information about —  fruits and vegetables.  There are recipes, videos, seasonal purchasing guides, nutritional information, educational resources, a link to a produce- and nutrition-related website just for kids and much more.  I dug around and eventually realized that the Centers for Disease Control is behind the group, and that the slogan “Fruits and Veggies – More Matters” replaced the old “Five a Day” campaign several years ago.  I hadn’t been aware that they’d done away with “Five a Day” but, either way, the site is a great resource that’s worth checking out.

TLT Reader Poll: The Results Are In

My very smart, MBA-having friend Donna G. pointed out to me (in a nice way) that my poll on lunch packing routines left a little to be desired in terms of sound survey design.  I’ll admit my questions were a bit of a mish-mash and there were probably too many of them.  But in the end, I can glean that:  (1) more TLT readers pack lunch in the a.m. vs. the p.m.; (2) your kids definitely prefer variety over the same lunch every day; (3)  readers are almost evenly divided on whether they enjoy packing lunch or find it a chore; and (4) none of our kids have access to a microwave at lunch.   I promise future polls will be a little more streamlined, but do people even like the polls?  I really do need a poll on polling.

Have a great weekend, everyone!  More Lunch Tray on Monday . . . .


  1. Em says

    On the subject of vegetables, I’ve just gotten Marcella Hazan’s autobiography (or maybe it’s a collection of essays– my mother thought I’d like the book), “Amarcord.” I was flipping through it and saw a section in which she mentions that Italian children grow up loving their veg because their parents prepare the items with such love and care– and love them, themselves, I presume.

    • bettina elias siegel says

      Em: Your comment reminds me of one by another reader who described all the delicious ways in which his Italian grandmother prepared vegetables. (And along the same lines, I’m all for butter, cheese, herbs, breadcrumbs, etc. to enhance vegetables for kids — and adults). – Bettina

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