One Week and Counting . . .

Here in Houston, we’re one week away from the start of school.  I had a great time hanging out with my kids over the break, but it was perhaps not so clever of me to launch a new blog one day before school ended in May.  All summer I’ve been trying to work on The Lunch Tray — and on an article for SELF magazine — while simultaneously trying to stave off kid-boredom on a daily basis.  Not easy!

But now that I’ll have a little more free time, I wanted to announce some upcoming features and ideas that have been kicking around my head.

Back-to-School Month on The Lunch Tray

September is going to be back-to-school month, with posts on issues like:  what on earth to pack in that empty lunch box every morning; how we all feel about making meals “cute” (heart-shaped sandwiches and the rest); an interview with some moms who’ve gone way beyond heart-shaped sandwiches — the Yum-Yum Bento moms; an interview with a public school teacher who has become a cause celebre in the school lunch reform movement; and more.

Some Long Overdue Blog Posts

I’ve put off tackling a few knotty issues that have come up on The Lunch Tray and will finally get around to writing about them. I want to share  Janet Poppendieck‘s argument that (contrary to the views of some Lunch Tray readers), the school breakfast and lunch programs should not be limited to just the neediest, but instead expanded and made universally free to everyone, regardless of need.  I think you’ll be intrigued to hear the justifications for her ideas.  I want to revisit the chocolate milk issue and I’ll finally follow up on the issue of why hungry kids often still go hungry in American schools (and the degree to which the pending child nutrition legislation in Congress may remedy this situation.)

An Exciting Live Event This Fall

And finally, a little teaser . . . . For those of you in the Houston area, The Lunch Tray will be co-sponsoring a live event in October or November that I think you’ll definitely want to attend!  Details to follow. . . .


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    In the state of Florida, we do have free lunch for everyone in the school system regardless of economic level.

    I know what you mean fending off boredom while trying to keep a blog going. ha ha My 3 are ready for school to start next week and so am I.


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