An Encouraging School Food Story From Maine

Let's go maine

Earlier this week, I received this lovely email: Hello Bettina, Our entire office follows your blog, we love your perspective and energy. Your recent posts inspired us to send an opinion piece to our our local paper, which resulted in today's … [Continue reading]

How You Can Help Improve Daycare Meals


Last fall I wrote a piece for Civil Eats about the low nutritional quality of food served in some federally funded daycare meal programs, and how concerned parents actually need a doctor's note if they want to send in healthier food for their … [Continue reading]

Sneaking Vegetable Pureés Into School Food?

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I have a tortured relationship with food-sneaking -- the practice of surreptitiously slipping vegetable pureés into kids' food to bolster their nutritional intake. In a 2010 post, "To Sneak or Not to Sneak: Hiding Healthful Ingredients in Kids' … [Continue reading]