Will Change in House Leadership Affect the School Food Debate? (And More Kid-Food News)

June 20, 2014

With all that’s going on in the kid-and-food world these days, I’m getting sucked back into my old five-day-a-week posting schedule against my will!  :-)  Here’s the latest: SNA Asks For A Sit-Down with FLOTUS The School Nutrition Association (SNA) has asked for a meeting with First Lady Michelle Obama and the U.S. Department of […]

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Some Promising Developments re: Chinese-Processed Chicken

June 19, 2014

As many of you know, in January of this year I, along with Nancy Huehnergarth and Barbara Kowalcyk, launched a Change.org petition seeking to keep Chinese-processed chicken out of school meals and to prevent China from eventually shipping to the United States its own raw, slaughtered poultry. I became involved in this campaign last August, after stumbling upon a serious misrepresentation […]

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Do House Republicans Now Regret Picking a School Food Fight?

June 19, 2014

Maybe so. In a piece published on SF Gate earlier this week, Carolyn Lochhead reports that repeated delays in the House on the school food waiver vote indicate to Democrats that: Republicans have concluded they’re on the losing side of the school lunch fight, which has touched off a firestorm in Washington and schools across the country. […]

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Mental Health Break: Two Tips from My Kitchen to Yours

June 18, 2014

Between the current battle over school food reform, learning that one in ten children suffer from fatty liver disease, and a planned post tomorrow about Chinese-processed chicken and food safety, things have been getting pretty heavy around here on The Lunch Tray, no? So today I’m taking a little mental health break to share two tips from […]

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A School Food News Round-Up

June 17, 2014

The House of Representatives won’t take up the controversial school food waiver issue until next week, but there’s still news to share regarding the fight over healthier school meals: Former USDA Child Nutrition Director Resigns in Protest from School Nutrition Association The Hagstrom Report (subscription only) reports that Stan Garnett, former director of child nutrition at […]

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A Pill Too Bitter to Swallow

June 16, 2014

Many years ago, I mentioned to a doctor friend that a woman I knew – a Seventh Day Adventist who never touches alcohol — had been told she was at risk for cirrhosis of the liver due to her poor diet and excess weight.  My doctor friend looked at me skeptically and said I must have misunderstood the diagnosis – one […]

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My Interview with Dora Rivas, Former President of the School Nutrition Association

June 13, 2014

Several weeks ago, 19 past presidents of the School Nutrition Association (SNA) made news by sending an open letter urging Congress to stay the course on healthier school meals. In doing so, these individuals publicly broke rank with their own organization, which is currently urging Congress to include in the 2015 appropriations bill language which would allow struggling school districts to opt out of […]

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An Update on (What Else?) the School Lunch Fight

June 12, 2014

Yesterday, the School Nutrition Association (SNA) held a conference call to defend its support of a legislative amendment which would allow struggling school districts to opt out of healthier school meal standards.  Such waivers would be for only one year but the amendment, if passed, is widely seen as a first step in chipping away permanently at the nutritional advances of the […]

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More on the School Nutrition Association’s Ties to Big Food

June 11, 2014

In earlier posts discussing the School Nutrition Association’s push to roll back healthier school meal standards, I’ve noted that the organization receives significant funding from corporate “patrons” such as ConAgra, Kraft and PepsiCo. Yesterday the Environmental Working Group’s (EWG) AgMag Blog offered a much closer look at those corporate ties, as well as the role […]

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How Did the School Nutrition Association Lose Its Way?

June 3, 2014

How did the School Nutrition Association, the nation’s largest organization of school food professionals, go from being a vocal supporter of the 2010 Healthy, Hunger-Free Kids Act to the moving force behind current efforts to gut that legislation? Even the First Lady finds this flip-fop perplexing, reportedly saying at a recent gathering of school nutrition leaders, “Help me understand why, […]

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