Thank you!

Kids Classroom Guide Final

As I close out the first week in my new digs here on The Lunch Tray, I just wanted to send out a thank you to all of you.... One big piece of my blog redesign was creating my new classroom junk food guide, and I wrote most of it over winter break, … [Continue reading]

This Valentine’s Day, #LoveHealthy!

Love Healthy

It's February 4th and that means in just a few days it will be Valentine's Day, an occasion for love, romance, friendship -- and a whole lot of sugar, especially in our kids' schools! That's why I'm glad to be one of the bloggers participating in … [Continue reading]

Tweet Chat Today on “Fruit” Snacks

fruit snack line up

For those interested, today's Moms Rising #FoodFri tweetchat will be on "fruit" snacks, those gummy candies which are deceptively marketed to parents as a healthy option for kids. Moms Rising will be joined by the Center for Science in the Public … [Continue reading]

Pizza and Sweetos, Oh My!


Two disturbing bits of kid-food news to share: New Pizza Study: File Under "Duh" A new study in the journal Pediatrics finds that pizza is a significant contributor to the daily calorie count of American children. Specifically, according to … [Continue reading]