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For your convenience, here’s a running list of recipes that have appeared on The Lunch Tray.   Those labeled “TLT’s Table” are recipes (my own and those I’ve collected from other sources) that my children especially enjoy.

TLT’s Table:  Kids’ Favorite Turkey Meatballs

TLT’s Table: Crispy Baked Drumsticks and Thighs

TLT’s Table:  Unbelievably Easy Chicken “Chilaquiles”

TLT’s Table:  Lemon-Parsley Fish Cakes

TLT’s Table:  Asian Turkey Meatballs

TLT’s Table:  Matzoh Crunch

TLT’s Table:  “Miracle” Mu Shu Vegetables

TLT’s Table:  Greek Quinoa Burgers 

TLT’s Table:  Light and Fluffy Whole Wheat Pumpkin Muffins

TLT’s Table:  Spiced Chicken with Maple Butter Glaze (aka “Cinnamon Chicken”) 

TLT’s Table:  Lamb and Yogurt Whole Wheat Flatbreads

TLT’s Table:  Clafoutis:  An Easy, Fruit-Filled Dessert Your Kids Can Make

TLT’s Table: Banana “Procrastination Muffins”

TLT’s Table:  Pepita-Palooza!  (Maple Chipotle-Seasoned Pumpkin Seeds)

TLT’s Table:  Apple (or Banana) Puffed Pancake

The Lunch Tray’s Thanksgiving Cranberry-Jalapeño Relish (Word download)

Spinach Salad with Bosc Pears, Cranberries, Red Onions and Toasted Hazelnuts

Brussels Sprouts Hash with Caramelized Shallots

TLT’s Table:  Kid-Approved (!) Kale Chips

TLT’s Table:  Lemony Broccoli Pesto Pasta

TLT’s Table:  Easy Pad Thai from Meal Planning Magic

TLT’s Table:  Black Bean Soup with Lime and Cilantro

TLT’s Table:  Greek(ish) Spinach Pie

TLT’s Table: Sweet Potato Pancakes with Honey-Cinnamon Butter

TLT’s Table:  Three Savory Fruit Ideas for Kids

TLT’s Table:  Fried Chickpeas for Afterschool Snack

TLT’s Table: Peanut Butter and Cocoa Acai Bowls

From Chef Kirsten Uhrenholdt, co-author with Laurie David of The Family Dinner:

Roasted Potatoes and Sausages

Broccoli with Pasta, Not Pasta With Broccoli

Quick Soup With Greens

White Beans with Shrimp

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