Simple Steps to Help #SaveSchoolLunch!

As I wrote here last week, and as I’ve been telling you for the last few months, many of the important school food reforms of the Healthy, Hunger-Free Kids Act are currently at risk of being rolled back.  We fought hard for the passage of those improved school meal standards and changing course just two years after their implementation, especially when we’re already seeing progress, would be a terrible blow to our children’s long term health.

The most immediate threat is posed by legislative efforts to include language in the pending Agriculture Appropriations bill which would weaken or remove various school food requirements.  That bill is likely to be voted upon in the House and Senate in a matter of days, so if  you care at all about healthier school food, can you please do the following?

First, please sign this petition started by the Center for Science in the Public Interest.  Then take an extra second to share it on Twitter and Facebook.  The Twitter hashtag for this effort is #SaveSchoolLunch and here are some sample tweets you can use to promote the petition:

Join me in telling Congress: school lunch is off limits. Don’t play politics with children’s health.

First Congress declared pizza a vegetable…now this:

Please Congress: protect children’s health. Nutrition should be the standard for school lunch, not politics.

If you’re a Twitter user, please also tweet your congressional representatives and tell them you oppose efforts to weaken school meal standards.  Here’s one sample tweet you can use:

Dear @ElectedOfficial (add in your senator’s or representative’s Twitter handle here), look how great school lunch can be: Don’t weaken school nutrition standards.#SaveSchoolLunch

Also, if you read this post early enough today, you can join me in listening in on a phone call with First Lady Michelle Obama and Let’s Move! Executive Director Sam Kass on protecting the gains we’ve made in school food.  Just click the invitation below to register for the call.

Thank you in advance for taking steps to #SaveSchoolLunch!  Of course I’ll keep you posted on the latest developments.

white house invite

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