Some Good News from My Own Backyard

The Houston Chronicle had an article yesterday describing some promising children’s health/anti-obesity initiatives going on right here in Houston schools, including Recipe for Success, the “seed to plate” organization for which I volunteer monthly, along with HealthCorps and Activate for Kids.  While these innovative programs unfortunately can’t reach all the kids in our almost 300 schools, at least we can learn from them what works in leading kids to make more healthful choices.  [One notable omission from the Chron’s piece was the very worthy Marathon Kids program, also operating in some Houston schools.]

And speaking of Recipe for Success, I thought I’d share some photos from last week’s “Iron Chef” competition in which our fourth grade class divided into groups and had to prepare a dish — a quinoa salad we’d made previously – from memory. It was lots of fun, and gratifying to see how much the kids remembered from the year we spent together:


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  1. Francine says

    Oh, this is all so darling and cute…but how are the kids coming along in their mastery of physics, chemistry and the Calculus? They must be way better than average for Americans (ranked something like 27th among nations) if they can afford to fritter away surplus school time peeling avocados.

    • says

      This is a fourth-grade class we are speaking of here. Even when I was in school, such subjects weren’t normal fare in the elementary grades. And, should the unthinkable occur and we end up having problems which kill off the big agri-business (or prevent their produce from making it to the grocery stores), skills like “peeling avocados” may well spell the difference between being the eater or the eatee.


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