Spork Report: Taking On Competitive Foods in Houston ISD

Tomorrow I’ll be speaking before our school board in my capacity as chairperson of the food and nutrition subcommittee of the Houston ISD School Health Advisory Council (SHAC).

This will be the first time the SHAC will be addressing the board face-to-face about an issue of concern:  the often nutritionally sub-par items sold on our campuses, by outside groups and HISD itself,  that compete with the federal school meal.  As an example, here’s a picture of one high schooler’s lunch last month, provided from our district’s own a la carte menu —  fried chip nachos and a red and blue juice slushie:

You can read more about the upcoming meeting on today’s Spork Report.

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    Good luck! I’ll be watching to see how it goes. I just found out yesterday that our school district DOES also have a SHAC Committee (which it should, since it’s a state requirement, right?). I’m planning to contact the chairperson of that committee so I can see how to be a part of it next school year!

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