I’m catching up on news items from last week and wanted to share an important new study from The Yale Rudd Center for Food Policy & Obesity regarding how parents view food industry marketing practices targeted toward their children, a study which, according to the Rudd Center, is the first of its kind. Surveying 2,454 parents with children aged […]


Well, I feel like an irresponsible blogger this morning. Yesterday I wrote an impassioned post about efforts by House Republicans to gut the funding for several pieces of legislation that I personally value, including the new school food regulations, the new food safety law and the new voluntary guidelines for marketing junk food to children, along […]


Although regular readers of TLT may have a sense of my liberal politics, I generally try to keep this forum neutral and nonpartisan.  (Except when I’m talking about Rush Limbaugh.  Or the Heritage Foundation.  Or conservative pundits who want to end the school lunch program and let poor kids fend for themselves.  Or right wing […]