Lean Beef Trimmings

The New York Daily News reported over the weekend on a lawsuit which alleges that the death of a 62-year-old Minnesota man was caused by the consumption of lean, finely textured beef (aka “LFTB,” and more commonly known as “pink slime”) tainted with E coli.  The lawsuit was filed on January 8th by Marler Clark, one of […]


I want to share with you a photo sent to me by an anonymous source. Here’s a photo of Lean Textured Beef (aka “pink slime”) that’s been widely circulated in recent days by the product’s manufacturer, Beef Products Inc. This is a photo of Lean Textured Beef as it purportedly appears in BPI’s plant.  I […]


I spoke this morning with Maine Congresswoman Chellie Pingree’s office and was pleased to learn that she has now submitted her sign-on letter to USDA with the signatures of 41 Congressional representatives, all of whom support the request expressed in our Change.org petition that USDA ban all use of Lean Beef Trimmings, aka “pink slime” […]


Kroger, Stop & Shop To Cease Selling Ground Beef with Pink Slime

by Bettina Elias Siegel on March 22, 2012

In a dramatic reversal from the position it expressed in last night’s ABC World News with Diane Sawyer report, Kroger, the nation’s largest grocery chain, has agreed to cease selling any ground beef with Lean Beef Trimmings, better known as “pink slime.”   The Stop & Shop chain made the same announcement, and both companies join […]


Last night I was interviewed for the lead story on ABC World News with Diane Sawyer, in which Senior National Correspondent Jim Avila reported that several major grocery chains will discontinue the sale of ground beef containing Lean Beef Trimmings. The chains include Safeway (the country’s second largest, after Kroger), Food Lion and Supervalu (the third […]


This morning I woke up and said, today is the end of daily pink slime reporting on The Lunch Tray!  And then a few items came to my attention that seemed worth sharing with you, given the commitment of TLT readers to the Change.org petition and the issue generally.  So here’s this morning’s round-up: Lean […]


Let’s Not Give In to Beef Industry “Slimewashing”

by Bettina Elias Siegel on March 20, 2012

The beef industry is pushing back hard in the last few days against opposition to Lean Beef Trimmings, better known as “pink slime.”  Yesterday the American Meat Institute released this video: There is also a new message in beef industry communications, expressly raised in the Food Safety News piece by Nancy Donley (mother of a child […]


I am SO pleased to announce that Jamie Oliver and his Food Revolution team have thrown their support behind our Change.org petition: Please go check out their new website, Stop Pink Slime.org– you’ll see a prominent link to the petition, information about Lean Beef Trimmings, plus endorsements from supporting organizations and individuals. THANK YOU, Food […]


As you know, our Change.org petition to get pink slime out of the beef provided by USDA for school meals led to a USDA change in policy within a mere nine days.  For the first time, USDA is offering schools a choice of pre-made patties which contain Lean Beef Trimmings, and bulk beef without it. […]


I’m back from New York where I taped two media appearances relating to Lean Beef Trimmings, aka, pink slime.  I’ll  share the shows and air dates with you as soon as I’m allowed to by the producers.   And at some point this week – maybe even tomorrow – I want to resume posting about […]