Taking on Cookies and Milk

Two interesting posts from fellow bloggers to share with you.

Christina Le Beau of Spoonfed wants to talk about that sacred cow, the Girl Scout cookie.  Although they’re beloved by many, the trans fats and other suspect ingredients in the cookies conflict with Chris’s nutritional and environmental philosophies, yet she has a daughter who’s now old enough to join the Girl Scouts (and would surely be asked to sell them).

And Ed Bruske of Better DC School Food has an interesting report on chocolate milk in schools.  According to Ed’s post, the Institutes of Medicine have cast doubt on how much calcium and vitamin D our kids really need, in conflict with the dairy industry’s heavily promoted message that milk – even if it must be highly sweetened to get kids to drink it — must be part of the school meal.

Both are thought-provoking posts worth taking a look at.


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