The Lunch Tray’s Kids’ Snack Hall of Shame II

My son is currently attending a half-day chess camp during which he’s offered a daily snack.   It’s not entirely clear to me why he even needs a snack during a 3-hour time period given how, you know . . . strenuous it is to play chess.

But it’s really not clear to me why the snack has to include these items:

Keep in mind that I already complained to this same camp last year about the garbage they feed their campers, but obviously to no avail.

Do you have a photo (or description) of an egregious snack that’s been fed to your child at school, camp, a team sports event or elsewhere?  Send it to me using the Contact tab above and I’ll post it on a future Kids’ Snack Hall of Shame.


  1. Viki says

    You would think they would at least serve some brain food at a Chess Camp! Almonds, come to mind. If your son has to participate in snack time can he bring his own? Make him up a bag of home made “gorp” using almonds or peanuts for a protein. Hold off on too many carbs in the mix and send him with his own water.

    I don’t consider any of the items you pictured food. They don’t give the kids any redeemable nutrients to help their bodies or their brains work well.

    • bettina elias siegel says

      Vicki: It was actually this camp that was the inspiration for the Hall of Shame! Clearly all they care about is cheapest price and encountering least resistance from kids. I let my son take it or leave it – he doesn’t get this sort of stuff very often so I’m not too worried. Today he passed it all up entirely. But I agree, if this were a long term proposition, we’d have to start packing snacks. – Bettina

  2. chessmom says

    This reminds me of the chess camp that my kids used to go to — same junk but maybe more varieties of chips and some horrible store bought cookies and cakes. They also let them play video games during the three or four breaks every day. I ended up calling the camp “Video Game/Junk Foood and a little bit of chess camp.” I ended up finding another chess camp where they passed on goldfish in little cups for snacks. Not ideal but better (and no video games either).

    • bettina elias siegel says

      Chessmom: I’m not quite ready to ditch this camp, but I wonder if they realize that there are parents out there who consider this sort of junk food snack as a reason not to send their kids? I suspect they think the kids love it, so it encourages attendance. At any rate, thanks for visiting The Lunch Tray and sharing your comment! – Bettina


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