TLT On Diane Sawyer Again Tonight

In response to news of Beef Products Inc. plant closings and a BPI Wall Street Journal ad claiming the company has been libeled,  I have been asked to appear again on ABC World News with Diane Sawyer.

The broadcast airs 5:30 CST/PST, 6:30 EST.

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  1. TONYA says

    go there and use the TRUTH to feed the people you have ravished with your lies, get it straight and start telling the truth.

    • George from UC says

      It definitely is *not* beef according to the Code of Federal Regulations, Title 9, Animals and Animal Products, Volume 2, Section 319.15 see

      According to § 319.15(a), chopped beef and ground beef *cannot* contain LFTB.
      According to § 319.15(b), hamburger *cannot* contain LFTB.
      According to § 319.15(c), beef patties *can* contain LFTB.

      It is fraud to put LFTB in something and call it chopped beef, ground beef, or hamburger.

  2. Barrister says

    You would do well to hit Dianne Sawyer up for a big wad of cash toward the impending libel suit BPI is compelled, on behalf of their employees, to bring against you. You girls did the sensational trash talkin’, now do the responsible reparations walkin’. In the meantime, how do you plan to recompense all the meat plant workers who you caused to be laid off? They have families to feed, families they think every bit as much of as you do your own. But, of course you would never think of that, sheltered in your little bubble the way you are.

    • I am a brainwashed food system vandal says

      Excuse me Barrister, I live in a bubble too. Help me see how BPI making millions of dollars based on a labeling loophole, through a 1990’s era public-private partnership between the undersecretary of the USDA and BPI has ANYTHING to do with Bettina?

      also wtf: You girls did the sensational trash talkin’, now do the responsible reparations walkin’

      Hatin’ much?

      @educated parent I realize you’re trying to support BPI, but at least get the link correct. These comments reek of slimy puppeteering. BPI is laying off people while paying internet puppet drones to come and comment.

      TLT has been slimed!

  3. educated parent says

    Ladies now talk about the other foods you would like our children to stop consuming, but do everyone a favor and do your research, this way you can avoid leaving so many people out of a job. I wouldn’t be upset if there were at least facts supporting your nonsense but so far i haven’t found any. Maybe you can explain to our children why you are so proud of yourselves. In the meantime its time yo get educated…

  4. Mary says

    Tonya, educated parent and barrister,
    Could you please point me to which articles that Bettina wrote and posted on this site that you claim are wrong, lack research, are filled with “trash talkin”, and “ravished with… lies”? Thanks.

  5. Mary says

    The below is directly from the UDSA website as of Friday, March 23rd(that’s last week), here is the link:
    Clearly the current issue we have been discussing here is no where near the only issue driving down “Lean boneless processing beef and trimmings prices”. If you read the report in it’s entirety you will see that beef prices are down across the board which I am sure has an effect on employment across the industry, thus affecting jobs at some plants.

    Lean boneless processing beef and trimmings prices were mostly weak to lower this week. Supplies were light to moderate with moderate demand. Trading activity was moderate. Consumer concerns about ground beef safety, weaker food service demand and lower prices for competitive proteins continued to pressure trimmings prices. Several large grocery chains excluded lean finely textured beef (LFTB) from their ground beef products as the “pink slime” controversy continued to worsen. Other retailers will continue to sell ground beef containing LFTB but will also offer product lines that do not contain it. Market activity on imported beef was very slow and prices were 1.00 to 2.00 lower. Supplies remained light as flooding in Australia and New Zealand continued to disrupt slaughter schedules. Weaker food service demand and more available product pressured the nearby import and domestic markets.
    Cutter cow cutout values were slightly lower on light to moderate demand and offerings. Chuck and loin items were mostly lower while round and rib cuts finished mixed. 100% lean items were mixed. Lean boneless beef 92-94% mostly 1.00 lower; 90% weak to 1.00 lower; 85% mostly weak to 1.00 lower; 81% weak to 1.00 lower; 75% unevenly steady; 65% firm; Other lean percentages were not fully established. 100% lean combo items were mixed. Cutter cow carcass gross cutout value for Thursday, March 22, 2012 was estimated at 169.81 per cwt, down 1.10 when compared to last Friday.

  6. Chuck says

    Now the childish cowering and excuse-making start! C’mon foodies, stand proud and accept responsibility for the damage you’ve inflicted on laid-off food industry workers. This is the calculated evil you sought all along, so don’t chicken out on us now. You broke it, you bought it (and I hope it costs you evil bastards plenty by the time lawyers for BPI and it’s employees finish with you).

    • Mary says

      Your verbally abusive attacks on people who care about what thier families eat is unwarrented. Your lack of understanding on the main issue at hand, your swearing and petty, childish behavior that is clearly evident in your post speaks volumes about you.

    • I am a brainwashed food system vandal says

      @ Chuck
      Less sliming please.

      The “evil bastards” of the TLT readership.

  7. DH says

    @ Tonya

    I like that

    go there and use the TRUTH to feed the people you have ravished with your lies, get it straight and start telling the truth.

  8. Bettina Elias Siegel says

    If you’ve left a comment on TLT in recent days and are not seeing it appear, that is an indication you are in violation of my comments policy against ad hominem attacks, foul language, etc. I will allow dissenting opinions, I will not pollute TLT with ugliness. And if you don’t like my “censorship,” feel free never to come back.

    • says

      Bettina – if this site is configured like other WordPress sites, the IP addresses that comments are posted from is available to you. As an exercise, you might do a DNS lookup on them, and see if you can identify the areas these abusive posts are coming from. If I were a betting man, I would bet strongly on most of them originating from areas near the BPI plants (esp. those that are being idled.)


  9. says

    Two days ago, I sent these guys an email trying to help them get “in front” of this. Little did I know they stepped in it before I was able to save the. Even then…read their responses to me. HYSTERICAL from a PR account…

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