True Colors: A Gorgeous Palette of Real Food Hues

After a week of talking quite a bit about synthetic food dyes (namely, the FDA’s decision not to require food dye warning labels, even though dyes exacerbate hyperactivity in some kids), I was happy to stumble on this story.

A New York City artist named Tattfoo Tan photographed the fresh produce he regularly buys at a local greenmarket and then used Photoshop’s eye-dropper to extract the colors from the photos.  These eighty-eight different fruit and vegetable colors make up what he calls the Nature Matching System.

copyright Tattfoo Tan

Beautiful, isn’t it?  And nothing like the garish colors that assault your eye when you visit a supermarket bakery these days:

Visit Good to read about how Tan’s work was installed as a public art piece in NYC, and get a free screensaver of the Nature Matching System on Tan’s website. I have it on my own laptop now!





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