Two Addenda re: Houston School Food Improvements

Good news and bad news  . . .

Since I published my post this morning on improvements to HISD school menus, Food Services has informed me that the newly-introduced acorn squash won’t be steamed.  Instead, it’s roasted with cinnamon and brown sugar.  That sounds much more appealing, doesn’t it?

The bad news is that, contrary to what I reported, animal crackers are not being removed from the district’s breakfast menu. Apparently the crackers will be served twice a week for the foreseeable future, although that may change in the late fall.   For those of you scratching your heads, the animal crackers are (rightly or wrongly) served in an effort to meet USDA calorie requirements.  (See my School Lunch FAQs for more on what that’s about.)

I’ve appended an “editorial update” to the original post.

[Ed Update: Actually, it’s graham crackers, not animal.  For more on why any sugary crackers, and whether new school food legislation will end the need for such processed “filler” food, read here.]


  1. Stephanie says

    I talked to them today too! (this is getting ridiculous!! – sorry inside joke…)
    I was told that they would be served through the end of October… sounds like stock purging or contract with an odd end date.

  2. bettina elias siegel says

    OK, this is scary (also inside joke). My understanding is that the shortened menu we saw for breakfast has fewer items but some with higher fat content, which would obviate the need for the extra calories provided by the crackers. But that new menu is not yet approved, so that’s why maybe in October there could be a change. Let’s keep each other posted – you know, via telepathy.


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