Watch Jamie Oliver’s “Food Revolution” With TLT!

Get ready to don your PJ’s, grab a bowl of popcorn and join me tonight on my virtual (and apparently very large) couch.

The TLT readership is invited to watch and comment as a group on season two of Jamie Oliver’s “Food Revolution,” which premieres tonight at 8pm EST on ABC.  I’ll share a brief recap and my initial impressions in my morning post following each episode, and then we can have a discussion in the post’s comment section.  Sort of like book club, but you don’t even have to read a book (or pretend you did.)

And in the meantime, if you haven’t already seen it, be sure to check out the thought-provoking exchange in the comments section here between Dana Woldow, Christina Le Beau of Spoonfed, Wilma (TLT’s anonymous school food professional) and many others regarding Jamie Oliver’s tactics last season and the pros and cons of using reality TV to bring attention to school food reform.

And finally, if you’re interested in participating in a Twitter party with J.O. himself, Scattered Mom at Notes From the Cookie Jar tells me there’s one taking place on Wednesday, April 13th at 7pm PST, and the hash tag is #foodrevparty.  If that time is inconvenient for you, there will be another one next week for East Coast participants.  I’ll share the details when I have them.



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