What Happens When You Mix Nutella and . . . Algebra?

You’ll recall a recent post where I told you about a class action lawsuit filed against the manufacturers of Nutella for making misleading nutritional claims about its product.  I initially pooh-poohed the claim as frivolous until TLT readers pointed me to Nutella’s website which does, indeed, create the impression that Nutella is a highly nutritious product.

Well, Michele Hays, the blogger over at Quips, Travails and Braised Oxtails, took the matter one step further.  Starting with a critical piece of information revealed by Nutella (that it uses 50 hazelnuts per jar) she applied good old fashioned algebra (her assumptions here) to figure out what the product looks like when proportionally deconstructed into its component parts.

Click here and scroll all the way down to see what she found out.  (Hint:  Would you like a tiny side of hazelnuts with your order of palm oil?)



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